Amerigon Climate Control Seat


Ah, the Lexus – a sign to the world that you’ve arrived. Amerigon Incorporated has just announced that its proprietary Climate Control Seat (CCS) will be making its way as an optional feature in the front seats of the all new 2008 Lexus LX 570 premium luxury utility vehicle. According to Amerigon President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel R. Coker, the CCS prides itself in being the only actively heated and cooled seat system on the global automotive market. This allows the driver and front seat passenger to individually heat or cool their seat for comfort in any climate. Man, I could definitely make do with such a seat in my beat up vehicle, combating the colds of winter as well as the sweltering summer heat at the touch of the button.

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Apple’s Time Capsule begins to ship

apple-time-capsule.jpgLooks like Apple has started to ship its Time Capsule – the newest external hard drive from Cupertino which is just about the only solution available for those who want to perform wireless Time Machine backups from your notebook. The Time Capsule debuted at Macworld, being an 802.11n Wifi base station that was equipped with a choice of 500GB or 1TB hard drive, enabling you to back up files to the drive or share files across a network without having to hook up to a cable. The 500GB and 1TB model will retail for $299 and $499, respectively. Sounds pretty interesting? There’s more after the jump.

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Laptop Controlled Drifter

Laptop Controlled Drifter
This RC car is a laptop controlled drifter project created by Chris over at PyroElectro. The aim of the project was to make an ordinary RC car have the ability to be controlled by a laptop. By using the laptop and a small box attached to a COM port, full control of the car is made possible and of course, automated control is also available too. By using Windows scripting, commands can be sent to the remote control device at the end of the COM port which in turn, sends those signals to the RC car. The car it’s self is untouched and standard.

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Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin

Digital Photo Frame Webcam

Every once in a while, someone makes a great gadget by simply taking a lot of other great gadgets and puts them all together like wet bits of clay. Today’s example would be the Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin Industry, a Hong Kong Company.

As you can see, someone in the WinWin industry has created a win-win situation by combining what looks to be an alarm clock, digital picture frame, and webcam all in one unit.

We’ll start with the webcam. When attached to the PC, your friends and loved ones can see you. As for the 1.5 inch digital frame, that’s so you can see your friends and loved ones, even if they are just still shots.

The photo viewer has 8MB worth of memory, which is capable of storing up to 70 pictures. You can use it to make some slideshows, and the whole thing is detachable from the base so you can carry the viewer around in your pocket if you like. According to the features, it uses two built-in rechargeable batteries for operation.

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Took Beanie features removable headphones

Took Beanie

In the last few years I’ve made the discovery that I am in fact a hat person. I have a couple of hats that people tend to refer to as “old man hats,” though I don’t know what they are really called. During the winter months I tend to prefer my Nintendo beanie, which keeps my ears much warmer. I’ve never really had an issue listening to music with it on, as the beanie tends to help keep the earbuds in. However, if you don’t want to mess with those pesky earbuds in the winter, you can always get a beanie with built-in headphones.

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Senseo Base HD7810 Coffee-maker for one

Senseo Base HD7810

I have to admit that I am not a coffee drinker, but I know that many of my readers probably can’t live without it. Maybe you are the type who drinks the whole pot made by your coffee maker, but right now, I would like to speak to those who only just need one in the morning

That’s right, for all you single people who awake in the morning with only a mild need for caffeine, there is finally a product for you. Senseo, in cooperation with Philips, has created a series of coffee makers, and I got a chance to try out the Senseo Base HD7810.

The HD7810 had a very easy setup, and all that it required from the user is to fill the metal, dishwasher safe canister and add a coffee-making pod. The pods are these pre-packaged coffee-ground and filter combinations that resemble circular teabags, and they come in many flavors. Adding one more pod to the Senseo Base will increase your coffee strength to Strong, if that is what you need.

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Robot Coupe Bread Slicer: I Have No Words.

robot_coupe.jpgI know – this is another day of “wow that’s a gadget I would have never thought of” here at Coolest Gadgets. You all will recall the friggin’ awesome Steak Toaster from last week (which is still the most awesome thing ever) – and now this week we have an innovation in bread slicing.

I know what you’re thinking – “bread slicing? Is that the best thing since sliced bread?” as you dissolve into giggles at your own cleverness. Again, some clever (but slightly twisted) individual took a look at his salad shooter, then at his baguette lying on the counter and though “dude, I need something to shoot sliced baguette!” Thus the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer was born.

Being neither a robot nor a coupe, the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer is a gleaming, stainless steel monolith that will tear through baguette like a hot knife through butter. The description from the seller’s website (spelling errors not corrected!):

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UCCTOP XENO: A Complete Mobile Recording Studio

ucctop_xeno_1.jpgAs a podcaster (or netcaster, depending on the terminology you use), we have a great studio setup to record in. But we’re always wanting to go “on location” to record and it’s really become an issue to have a truly mobile recording setup to go out on those location broadcasts. We don’t have a crew to follow us around and carry the equipment – we do it all ourselves. In the past, we’ve used a 4 channel mixer and an old G4 PowerBook. Still, not very mobile.

Then I discovered the UCCTOP XENO. It looks to be a combination laptop and mixer with lots of cool controls and features that would be perfect for a mobile broadcasting setup. Here’s the list of details from their website:

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