Lullabub provides parents with much needed help

lullabub.jpgNew parents often find that their once peaceful sleeping patterns have been thrown out of whack, so here’s the Lullabub to help them out. This automated solution is actually a remote controlled rocking system for a baby’s cot (or “crib”, depending on which part of the world you are from) that will help rock your baby to sleep gently without having you to expend whatever little energy you think you have left. Invented by Christopher Mitchell from Australia, this device consists of four pieces that are placed under each leg of most cots, rocking them automatically. You can choose from four movement choices – mother’s womb, mother’s heartbeat (didn’t know any rocking was involved there), a boat on the water, or Led Zeppelin. Nah, I’m kidding – the last would be simulating a ride in the car. The Lullabub has a 30-minute timer which ought to be more than enough to get your little one snoozing not a moment too soon. The Lullabub retails for $199 and fits most new/used cots.

Source: Gizmag

2 thoughts on “Lullabub provides parents with much needed help”

  1. My husband & I purchased the Lullabub and were very disappointed. It lacks any sort of power. I can’t imagine it would rock anything, let alone a baby.

    In order to get a refund (without any guarantee of one either) we had to send it all the way back to Australia – which meant extremely expensive postage seeing that it comes in a very large box.

    We decided it was not worth the risk to spend anymore money on this lousy product ….so we lost $250? Not happy customers!

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