Bean Bag chairs get geeky thanks to hi tech upgrades

by James


Since the late 60s and early 70s college students looking for affordable dorm furniture have always had the bean bag chair to turn to. A big sack filled with beans that could be tossed anywyere was quite the rage with the hippy generation. Then there was a lull for about twenty years, but a huge comeback in the 90s when using shredded polyurethane foam pellets made the bean bag chair even more affordable and allowed for more innovation in the form of larger furniture concepts. Well, now the bean bag chair is gone hi-tech with the iBean. Of course it has, isn’t that the law when using an “i” in front of a product name?

The iBean Bag chair comes with front dual speakers and a sub woofer for a surround sound experience. It’s compatible with any mp3 player, electronic gaming device, dvd player or laptop computer and headphone jacks allow for easy plugin of most models. There’s also an easy to reach side control panel to adjust boeth volume and bass levels. The iBean comes in fourt different colors: red, black, navy blue and turquoise and costs a very affordable $99, with optional ottoman sold separately.

Cool man.

Source: Gadget Grid

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