The Bookshelf Aquarium

bookshelf-aquarium.jpgFish lovers who are also avid readers will find the Bookshelf Aquarium the perfect balance.

This space-saving aquarium won’t encroach on work surfaces or living space because it is a mere 4″ deep, yet it provides 180″ sq. of viewing area and room for up to six fish. The 2.4-gallon aquarium has an air pump, filtration system, and heater that ensure precise environment control. The cabinet is made from shatterproof plastic and the integrated LEDs provide bright overhead light. The aquarium includes a submersible, three-dimensional seascape background and gravel. Plugs into AC. 13″ H x 17″ W x 4″ D. (20 lbs. when filled with water).

Pick one up today for $149.95.