Portable safe doesn’t use your standard keypad

Biometric safe

I remember a time when biometric scanners were things you only saw in science fiction flicks. Over the last couple of years they’ve cropped up on laptops, flash drives and various other tech products. It’s great for keeping sensitive documents and other files safe and sound. It would only make sense that the same principle would hold true for keeping non-digital possessions away from prying eyes, right? Well that’s exactly what the designer of this biometric safe thought.

The Biometrics BioVault 2.0 Fingerprint Safe does exactly what you would imagine. It stores a small amount of your personal possessions and prevents access to anyone without the right fingerprint. It stores up to 50 different fingers, so you’ll be able to give access to just about everyone you know (though that would likely defeat its purpose). The safe is designed to be portable, which is great for people constantly on the go. The scanner is powered by an AC adapter, or by 3 D batteries. Don’t worry though, even if your batteries die and it’s not connected to the wall, it won’t lose your information.

The safe will set you back $399.95, which would likely pay for itself should anyone try to steal your things. Then again, since its portable they might just take the whole thing and break into it later.

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