Bumper Badger keeps your bumpers looking new

bumper-badger.jpgDon’t you just hate it when your shiny new car rolls out of the showroom and you park it somewhere, only to have an idiot with no skill in parking nick your bumper when you’re not around? The Bumper Badger does away with such annoyances once and for all.

Never again come out of work or the store to find a scratched bumper! This unique bumper guard attaches quickly and easily to a vehicle’s rear bumper, effectively guarding the finish against minor (but annoying!) scratches and dings. And it won’t spoil your car’s sleek appearance – unlike other bumper protectors, the Bumper Badger isn’t permanently fixed to your car. It fastens securely inside the trunk…just flip it out when you park, and flip it back in when you’re ready to hit the road. Lies flat so you don’t lose precious cargo space.

The Bumper Badger retails for $39.95.