CD Carousel Plus

CD Carousel Plus

Are you one of those types of people who really, really need their CDs or DVDs organized into some sort of jukebox formation? Or maybe you got a lot of CDs and DVDs for Christmas, and you need a place to store them.

I really like this because it can store 150 discs, and it looks kind of compact. You might want to connect it to a computer, create a database, then you can search your collection by title or keyword. Then all you need to do is double-click the title you want, and I imagine the thing just wheels around to you.

As far as I can tell, you just dial the number of the CD or DVD that you want, and it comes to you. Hopefully it somehow lifts out of there.

Well, isn’t that some convenience? Hey, is that a lock on that thing? It would be handy to lock them in. That way a burglar can’t take any of your CDs. Unless the burglar just takes all of them and shatters the glass top later or cuts it open with a hacksaw.

Well, if you are interested in this guy, which I kind of am, you should know that you can get it for about $200.


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