USB Moo Moo

USB Moo Moo

Some of you might be thinking that this some antiquated attire, but that is actually the USB Muumuu. Allow me to explain what the USB is, with an antiquated communication that lovers on a budget used to use.

When I was in college, I had a friend who had a boyfriend who lived far away. Well, it wasn’t too far away, but it was far enough to be long distance. Well, as you know, long distance calls are expensive, so one of them used to call, then promptly put the phone down, so the phone would ring once. Then the other would call, then hang up quickly, returning the one-ring with another one-ring.

I have no idea how this “one-ringer” tradition started between them, but I bring it up because that is what the USB Moo Moo is: an updated version of the one-ringer.

You see, you have this Cow toy that you push a button, and it sends a Moo through the Internet to your special someone. Assuming that this person has a USB Moo Moo on the other end, they can Moo back.

Yes, I suppose an Instant Messenger program could do the same thing. To be honest, I don’t know a price on this thing, but you could look into it for a late Christmas gift, maybe.