Raise Me Up is great for removing plugs in tight spaces

Raise Me Up

If you’ve ever had to crawl behind your entertainment center to switch out a DVD player or game console, you’ll know how much of a pain it is to unplug your device. It seems like it would be a simple process, however, when you can only fit one hand back there it becomes much more difficult than if you had the use of both hands. This is because when you pull on the cord, your powerstrip has a tendency to lift up too. This is exactly why someone came up with this Raise Me Up powerstrip concept.

The plugs appear to sit at an angle, however, when you go to plug something in, a plastic cover moves down and leaves a flap sticking up. When it comes time to remove the plug, just simply press down on the flap and it will eject the cord.

While this is a great concept, I hope that someone improves on it slightly before sending it into production. The first thing I would do is move the plugs a bit closer together to allow for at least six outlets. I would also include a couple of regular outlets that can accommodate the larger power bricks that come with some products. You can bet that I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Source: Yanko Design