Vulcania Watch

Vulcania Watch

I’m wondering if this Vulcania Watch isn’t some Star Trek reference to the planet Mr. Spock is from. After all, it does seem logical for a company to make a watch that looks this cool.

Apparently, the Vulcania is some sort of steampunk reference. I’m clearly not getting this, but perhaps designer Fabrice Gonet was going for something like that.

You can view the time in a few different ways. For example, the hours are seen on the wheel, and the minutes are on the circular dial. There is even a small window to display the day.

The coolest thing is that the owner can view the inner mechanisms of the watch. This is done with some very cool sapphire glass panels on the front, back, and even the sides.

That might come in handy in case the watch breaks, all the watchmaker has to do is just look inside it without opening it up. Okay, maybe not, but that is a good idea, you have to admit that.

If you want it, you might not get it. So far, I’ve heard it’s a limited edition with only 11 being made, perhaps ever. It is intended to be first shown in Switzerland at the Salon Internatinal de la Haute Horlogerie come April of next year.


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