USB Punch Head

by Mark R

USB Punch Head

I don’t know if this next product is such a good thing, as I’m not certain if it will release or increase aggression.

Here is what it is. You plug the little and ugly Punch Head to a spare USB port and just wail on it like a punching bag. Not only will you hear the proper “Off” and “Oww”, but on your screen you will see a photo contorting, as if you were actually punching them.

You can actually upload a picture of your favorite (or in this case, the least favorite) person and beat them up vicariously.

According to the company’s site, this allows you to “let off excess aggression in the comfort of your own home office” and to have “instant relief and gratification”.

Is it just me, or shouldn’t we be concerned about any product that offers this? Hey, introducing the Slaughterer! Kill your boss vicariously with this knife that connects to your USB port. Some of you might be thinking a product like that is taking it too far, but you can’t tell me that this has already crossed a line somewhere.

Well, you can get it at the Punch Head website. Or maybe your enemy is doing the same thing and is now uploading a photo of you.

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Jesse Says: December 24, 2007 at 6:08 am

Hilarious – thanks for this

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