Relaxview BV

by Mark R


Hey, want to make that trip to the dentist a little less painful? Maybe if you were wearing one of these relaxView BV, you would be a little more cut off from the real world of pain.

I’m not certain if this viewer is anything different than other viewers such as the myvu or the iWear, but this one is hooked up to a DVD player and I’m told it can replicate a 60 inch screen.

I believe the reason this is supposed to work is that it completely blocks off the real world. Therefore, the big distraction is supposed to take away from the little distractions such as the needles and gloved fingers, you know. You know, out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t know the dentist is about to shove a needle the size of a pitchfork into your gums, then the painkiller will actually live up to its name.

Just as long as you don’t see a mirror image of yourself wearing the thing. I mean, it looks like you’re Cyclops from X-men, but with a smaller visor.

I don’t know how much it costs, or even if it is available to the general public. Do you have to be a dentist to purchase one of these?


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