USB Magic Wand

by Mark R

USB Magic Wand

Oh my gosh, a USB Magic Wand! What could it be? Maybe when I plug it in and say “Windguardian Leviosa,” stuff begins to move. Or it could be that the magic of the USB Magic Wand is that it makes words when you wave it.

I think you may have seen this before. I’ve seen these little devices that are generally stationary and have specially programmed LEDs that somehow make words.

The USB Magic Wand works on the same principle, only you connect it to your computer and you program the message. I’m guessing that your message will have to be kept short.

Is it just me, or can I not think of any practical use of this device other than it looks cool? I suppose it could be used by magicians without talent, but I’m not sure if it could spell out Abracadabra.

I’m also wondering if you have to wave it just right in order to see the writing. I would hate to be waving it and discovering that I really am saying nothing. Of course, even if everything did go as planned and my message got out, is it worth it?

However, you never know what is going to catch on. Maybe this will be the new text message. Well, you can get it for about $35.


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