Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap

by Mark R


This product from Loreo isn’t just a lens cap, but a Lens in a Cap. If that doesn’t impress you, then you need to know that it actually creates 3D stereoscopic images.

Think of it as making a ViewMaster. You remember that toy that was able to make 3D images at the click of a shutter. Gosh, I hated it when you would stick those things in wrong, and you got a half image thing going on.

The Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap is a pair of focusing lenses that gives you the ability to focus and ajust exposure that takes two images that are slightly skewed from one another. If you view it with Loreo’s 3D viewer or software version, the images come up with the illusion of 3D.

Now, all you need to do is put them on those little circular things to put in the Viewer. Then flick the switch down and you’re back in the seventies again!

It’s hard to believe that this product is estimated at $100. I’m not certain how this can be at such a low cost, and I wish I could say that I saw what this actually looks like. I don’t know if the average consumer wants to see their photos with a viewer, though. Especially when most have them on their iPod.


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