Boomwave Nanopets Are Downright Adorable


So if you’re lucky enough to get a new iPod Nano this Christmas – what sort of protection will you be buying for it? (Come on…everyone buys some sort of skin for their iPod!) If you have any sort of affinity for cute things – then you must pick up one of the Boomwave Nanopets to protect your brand new gift. Or, if you already own one and are tired of your old, boring protection, or you can pick one up to bring a little bit of sass to your iPod.

From the website:

A new breed of protectors has arisen!

Abducted from their beloved masters by the evil Corporation, the Nanopets were subjected to brutal experiments aimed at turning them into cybernetically enhanced killer beasts. Breaking free of their programming, the Nanopets escaped, destroying the laboratories that created them and vowing to vanquish the corrupt creations of the Corporation.

Now, they’ve arrived to protect your iPod Nanos with their captivating canine curves, delightful eared designs and playful personalities.

You can pick up one of four (or more!) Nanopets:

Spitzer (white)
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Designation: Hunter-Soldier
Protector of: Families, The Weak and The Oppressed

Doggstarr (black)
Breed: Labrador
Designation: Strategist, Intelligence, Human Relations
Protector of: Knowledge, Information and Data

BludHound (red)
Breed: Bloodhound
Designation: Tracker, Scout, Recon
Protector of: The Lost and the Wayward

Bichpoo (pink)
Breed: Poodle and Bichon Frise Crossbreed
Designation: Spy, Saboteur, Espionage
Protector of: Secrets, Women and The Right to Party

Ok, so the company that makes them have a flair for the dramatic (read the full descriptions on the site for some good chuckles), but you can’t deny the Nanopets are adorable. Each one costs $15.99, comes with a screen protector and neck strap, and they’re in stock, so if you act fast and choose overnight shipping, you’ll be able to make someone a contented puppy this Christmas!

Good dog!

[The Boomwave via Gizmodo]