AMD releases Phenom 9600+ Black Edition CPU with overclockers in mind



There was a time when I would spend days searching for the perfect processor that I could purchase at a reasonable price, then overclock to perform at uncanny speeds. The last time was when I got my Pentium D805. Any of you that owned one of these and tried to overclock it know that this was one of the best processors for overclocking in a long time. It rivaled even the old Celeron 300’s cost/performance ratio in terms of overclockability. Well, AMD has released a new chip that will supposedly be the easiest, and one of the best to overclock.

AMD’s new Phenom 9600+ “Black Edition” is being touted as the easiest to overclock because AMD gives you full access to the clock multiplier control. Anyone that’s into overclocking will tell you that this is one of the most important keys to squeezing the most out of your CPU.

There’s just one thing that stops this CPU from achieving greatness, and that’s the price. The Celeron 300 could be gotten for around $100, and the D805 was around the same. Each of those could run circles around even the most expensive CPUs of the time. While the price hasn’t been set in stone, the 9600+ Black Edition will set you back at least $300 (probably more), which doesn’t make this a budget-friendly processor, and thus won’t likely appeal to most overclockers who want to get the most bang for their buck.

Source: TG Daily

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Seth Says: December 28, 2007 at 2:55 pm

$300? US Dollars? Try again. It will be sold at the same price as the standard Phenom 9600, which is currently $239 (and dropping) at Newegg. Please stop the FUD, and check your facts before blindly reprinting someone else’s ignorance.

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