Liquid Image Scuba Mask Digital Camera

by Mark R

Liquid Image

If you’re hoping to go to CES 2008, which I’m planning to, you should be able to see the Digital Underwater Camera Mask. This scuba mask/camera, manufactured by Liquid Image, allows the user to take images underwater. Perhaps Liquid Image will have a fish tank at CES to prove that it works.

The camera is available in 3.1 and 5.0 megapixels. To take a picture, all you need to do is line up the crosshair marks on the mask and then press a capture button. I can only assume the capture button is on the side somewhere. There are LED lights on the outside so you can see that a picture was taken.

After a picture is taken, you can then download the picture via USB to your personal computer or laptop. You have 16MB of memory plus a microSD slot for additional storage. I can only assume that the microSD has some sort of waterproof cover thing.

This will definitely liven up your summer pool pictures. I usually like to take a few with a disposable waterproof camera, but results are mediocre at best.

The rumor has it that the Liquid Image Mask will go for about $99. I guess we’ll see after CES.

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Steve Says: December 20, 2007 at 1:18 pm

99 Bucks? It’ll sell even if the quality is horrible.

What’ll they think of next?

Belbe Says: April 14, 2010 at 10:22 am

this would be great for me! I do spearfishing most of the time but I just hate it when I’m poking inside a whole looking for hidden fish and find instead a gorgeous flashy colored sea slug or a bunch of preety red fishies or any other awsome image i’d love to capture but can’t cos it’s not pratical to bring a camera while fishing.

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