Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies Don’t Come With Cake

by Carolyn

companion.jpgIf you haven’t played the game Portal (part of Valve Software’s “Orange Box” game for the PC and the XBox 360, or on its own on Steam for the PC), you’re missing out on the best First Person Shooter Puzzle Black Humor Game of all time. I hate first person shooters and I love this game.

One of the unsung heroes of Portal is the Weighted Companion Cube. This little cube became such a cult fan favorite that geeks around the world constructed paper models, made replicas out of clay and made countless portraits and drawings for this little cube.

Finally, Valve has the Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies available for sale. They resemble a string of fuzzy dice but they are a thousand times cooler. This pair of collectible Weighted Companion Cubes hangs around your home or workplace, providing faithful companionship throughout the day. Note: If the Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies could speak – and we assure you that they cannot – they would remind you that in some areas it may be illegal to hang them or anything else from your car’s rear-view mirror.

Specifications: soft polyester fiber, measures 4″x4″x4″. These perfect companions can be yours for $29.95 at the Valve Software store. Just don’t expect any cake.


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