Ringspeed sQuba Car Drives Underwater


Okay, who wants a car that drives underwater? I’m certain every hand is going up as Rinspeed has actually made car called the sQuba that can turn you into Captain Nemo, motorist.

All one needs to do is push a button, you are good for up to 33 feet. It doesn’t look like it folds up like that one from that seventies James Bond flick.

So, how does this work? Do you just drive your car into the water and there you go? Hopefully there is some automatic lock so you don’t roll the window down as you’re underwater.

There is an electric motor along with propulsion in the rear that putter you along as you’re going underwater. Just in case you are wondering, there are carbon nano tubes that help to provide for a self-contained breathing system. It’s either that or a 33 foot snorkel.

Anyway, you can see it at the Geneva Motor Show, which runs from March 6th to 16th. If they want to demonstrate it, you’re going to need a big fish tank.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is why? Is it because the car will give zero pollutants, or do we just want to live out some cool spy movie prop? I think it is the latter.


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  1. You better wear your swimsuit. This is a wet sub (convertible)no top. It’s still cool but don’t try a dip in Long Island Sound in April, or you get VERY COOL.

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