HpyerDrive 4 will blow your old drive out of the water

HyperDrive 4

In the computer industry, everything is about speed. Well, lately people have been focusing a little more on power efficiency, but the main goal is and always has been more speed. Normally we look to faster processors, better video cards and more RAM to give your computer a performance boost. However, people rarely consider their hard drive to be a limiting factor. The sad truth is that your hard is almost always a bottleneck. This awesome new SSD drive shows you just how much your old drive holds you back.

The HyperDrive 4 doesn’t look like your average internal hard drive. In fact, with the cover on, it looks like an external backup drive. This strange-looking drive actually slides into one of your standard CD drive bays. Inside you will find eight RAM slots. Each slot can be filled with a 4GB stick, creating a 16GB drive.

What sort of performance boost would you get with such a drive? Lets just say it would take around 7 minutes to install Windows XP, whereas a regular drive could do it in about 40. Boot times for Windows average around 2 seconds. Speed isn’t cheap though, the 16GB model starts at around $5,500.

Source: RedFerret

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