Aigo’s Patriot PMP is a tad unpartisan for the tech crowd

by James

Aigo Patriot

The second Apple released the widescreen Touch iPod/iPhone, it was pretty much over for personal media players. But that certainly doesn’t stop others from coming out hoping to bleed off some market share. And Aigo is no exception.

Their new “Patriot” P882 PMP sports an 80GB hard drive to store all your favorite movies, a 4.3” touchscreen widescreen LCD, an ARM 11 Da Vinci chip for video signal processing, standard A/V in and out ports, and a high power 2300 mAH battery to playback at least two movies back to back and over 15 hours of music. It’ll also play a vast array of formats including AVI, Divx, WMV, MP4, RM, RMVB and even flash movies, which is rather forward thinking.

But there’s a few things about this Patriot which make it downright “un-partisan” for us Techies looking for gadget allies. It’s over an inch thick. That size makes it a total beast for a culture that worships tech mobility. And the price of $540 practically tosses it out the window as a serious PMP contender. With that kind of heft and comparing it to its fruity multitouch rival, one has to wonder what Aigo was thinking.

Source:PMP Today

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