Virtual Cable Shows You Where You’re Going

by Mark R

Virtual Cable

Now here is a GPS system that I could really get into. The Virtual Cable navigation system uses some type of projection technology to put a weird red ribbon directly on the windshield that tells you where to go.

I don’t know much more detail than that, but it has to do with using lasers and mirrors. Unfortunately, it only exists as a concept only, but inventor Tom Zamojdo is optimistic, and hopes to sell it for about $400 as some factory-installed option.

There isn’t much information on this on the website, other than what I said above. It also says that if there is an upgrade needed, it is not necessary for the user to get one without having to replace the entire windshield.

I, for one and am sure not the only one, want to rush this one into production. After all, if you use GPS devices these days, you constantly have to look down at the display, then the street you are on, and that brief moment of distraction could result in an accident.

So why not have the tech directly on the windshield, where you’re looking at it anyway? I’m wondering if this will lead to other kind of windshield projection technology, such as your radio station and such. I think they will go too far if they put video footage.

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