u-blox GPS technology in Navigon Porsche Design PND


Navigon has just rolled out a brand new high performance personal navigation device (PND) that was developed in partnership with Porsche Design, and this PND will be using u-blox’ ANTARIS 4 SuperSense GPS technology. The PND in question is the Navigon P9611 that comes in a rather diminutive 125mm x 82mm x 19mm package, tipping the scales at a mere 250 grams. You will get a whole range of hardware and software features within, among them a pre-loaded SD memory card, a USB cable, a car cradle, a charging cable and high quality audio playback for those who can’t live without music no matter where they go. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is readily available for hands-free communication support, targeting Bluetooth-enabled handsets for you to keep your eyes peeled on the road.

What are some of the software features found on the P9611? For starters, you get digital maps of 37 European countries, built-in TMC (Traffic Message Channel) which lets the driver be aware of traffic jams, suggesting alternative routes using an automatic calculation, while the pre-loaded international information will be able to update itself automatically whenever the user crosses a border. You will then be able to know country-specific information like speed limits on freeways and normal roads as well as permitted alcohol limits (generally, try not to drink more than 1 can of beer if you’re planning to drive – anything more than that will definitely drive the breathalyzer crazy, causing you to get a ticket in the process.

According to Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO, “The P9611 combines u-blox’ high sensitivity, high accuracy SuperSense GPS technology with NAVIGON’s cutting edge navigation know-how and Porsche Design’s slick looks. This combination, added to the device’s myriad of features, makes the P9611 the ideal PND for discerning users who want a reliable, long-lasting navigation device”. Two powerful processors, a 4.3″ 480 x 272 high resolution TFT touchscreen display and a 1,400mAh Lithium Ion battery rounds off the list of features for the P9611.

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