Transmitta II spreads sound around



Transmitta II might sound a little bit dyslexic, but this is a pretty nifty device when you think about it.

The Transmitta system comprises of two small, rechargeable, and very portable units – one is the transmitter, the other is the receiver. You can plug the transmitter into your audio source (be it an iPod, CD player, computer, TV, Radio, you name it) via a headphone socket or USB. If you choose the latter then the transmitter will also recharge as it works. The receiver can be plugged into whatever device you are using via an auxiliary socket, and voila – you can send your music wirelessly around your house, flat or workplace. You might love your on-line radio stations, but you want to listen to them in the living room where your computer ain’t – just use your Transmita VII to send your radio tunes to your hi-fi. Play MTV on your TV and listen to it through your radio in the bathroom. The Transmita units speak to each other via 2.4GHz frequency allowing for CD quality audio to be streamed, and uses frequency hopping to make sure there is no conflict with any other devices using that frequency.

The Transmitta II can be yours for £49.95.

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