Kanguru USB Duplicator

Kanguru USB Duplicator

Let us face it, USB flash drives are the wave of the present and future, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We have (or I should say we had) devices that could copy 3.5 floppies all at once, and we have devices that can copy many CDs at one time, so why not a device that can copy many flash drives?

That is the premise behind the Kanguru USB Duplicator. It comes in two sizes, and the largest has the power to copy information onto 24 USB flash drives at once. The other one can do about nine.

I have heard some rumors that this guy can’t handle 24 all at once, but it works in the swap out. I have also heard that it features four functions including Copy, Compare, Verify, and Format.

Even though Kanguru’s 32GB Flash Drive has got little love from Coolest Gadgets before, I personally believe in a terrific future for this USB Duplicator. Flash Drives are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, and soon companies will just hand out Flash Drives instead of CD Roms and traditional hard copy Press releases.

Now all we need is a pricing and availability date. I’m not in a hurry to buy it, but I believe there are many companies who would readily buy this up like hotcakes.