iPond plays sounds, stores fish


Fancy this portable speaker that carries a fish along with it? That’s exactly what the iPond is – it hooks up to portable audio devices like the iPod, but has in recent times drawn the ire from animal rights groups as the iPond is said to offer inadequate space for a fish to live. Meant for Betta fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish), the 650mm iPond has been said to be insufficient, since a single Betta fish requires around 10 liters of water to swim around and receive a proper amount of oxygen. In addition, the speaker is located at the bottom, so your favorite trance sounds might actually unsettle the fish further. The iPond retails for $60.

Source: Gizmodo

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  1. All i can say is im ashamed to call myself a human being, this is a sick world we live in!!!! Soon you’ll be able to buy the new iCage , where you buy a human in a clear box just big enough for him to sit in , its a coffee table , they will have no food or water and we’ll see how long he lives for, that sounds like a good idea doesn’t it.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. It is also more commonly know as CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Just because it is a fish does not mean it is not an animal, does not mean it can be treated like some decoration. The inventors should be fined and jailed. The people that buy these gimmicks should be ashamed and both are guilty of cruelty to animals.

  3. hahahahah lmao. this is awesome. im gonna buy one. I’ll be sure to shake the tank. hey youtube search “gold fish chug” lmao. i did it before like steve-o from jackass. you hypocrits go home and eat your hamburgers and chicken nuggets. you don’t care about animals you just like to whine like babies. who cares about one stupid fish.lmao. I hope all the fishes die. stupid activist.

  4. The fighting fish are native to South-East Asia and have a “labyrinth lung” that allows them to take in oxygen from air. Typically they live in puddles and rice paddies.

    clearly they’re fine,
    the pictures displayed on the internet of the ipond shows a fish that looks much larger than it does normally, i own an iPond myself and the fish really has plenty of room, and alot more water /oxygen than he would living in a puddle !
    but just like everything else in this world..there is going to be people who disagree and people who agree , so honestly .. whatever floats your boat man, i personally think its cute

  5. that is one of the most disgusting things how could yall invent that its a speaker too! yea cause we all kno how fish love vibrations hahaha…NO is that flat? thats horrible

  6. Christine. Google “Guillermo Vargas Habacuc”. Given your facile approach to ethics, which is no more complex and valuable than reducing the desecration of life to opinion, this exhibition should be a turn on for you.

  7. wow, im kinda suprised but then not really. ppl do crazy things for money. i do know that i just bought a betta and have him in a nice sized tank. they do need to be fed and water changed regularly to keep them healthy, and they can suffocate without sufficient air like we breathe. i have also read that fish have a far better memory than we think and mine actually interacts with me when i move near the tank and he definately knows how to beg for food. i think we underestimate animals. as far as activists, no matter what animal or humans, or plants…there isnt enough money or ppl in the world to keep us all from suffering in some way or another. personally i just try to do the best i can and live everyday to the best of my ability and hope it makes even a small difference in someones life somewhere.

  8. i searched that dumb spanish thing, im honestly disgusted that you would even say such a thing like that … it really isn’t that bad and I posted that a very long time ago and my fish is STILL ALIVE TODAY and doing very well, he’s not sick and i feed him regularly and i do clean his tank, sure its not the biggest but come on man, if its really as horrible as it seems why in the fuck would he still be alive ?
    and besides, its not like i play music from it, i may have a few times when I first got it but he’s stillll alliiveee .
    we’ve all got our own opinions so stick to yours, ill stick to mine

  9. Christine and others who have one, the life expectancy of your fish, if cared for properly, is 2-5 years. After you have kept the fish alive for 2-5 years, then you can talk about how healthy he is. Then again maybe you should try to live in your shower for the same amount of time you have kept the fish in the ipond. Surely if someone fed you, you would also still be alive. So, it must be ok, right? I agree with philistine.

  10. Hi Christine, are you for real or just baiting us trying to whip up controversy? You sound far too intelligent to really believe what you’re writing, much less subject an intelligent & friendly creature to a living death purely for your own vanity. Ok-I’ll bite:by it’s very nature a fish lives in it’s own toilet whether that toilet be an ocean, a 3000 gallon tank or an iPond. The problem is a fish will make a given amount of waste & it follows that the smaller the area he has, the quicker this waste will accumulate & suffocate him.

    It’s a well known fact among fish keepers that the larger volume of water you have the easier it is to maintain so your poor fish is not living he’s merely surviving & death will be a very welcome release for him-remember also the space he’s in right now is his entire world, he cannot go anywhere else. You can carry on in your fantasy world of happy fish & consumerism or you can do the right thing & get him at least a 10 gallon tank with a fitted lid & a gentle filter. He will certainly thank you for it-full details here of keeping these fish properly: http://www.nippyfish.net/

  11. Well we all have our own opinions don’t we, stick to yours and ill stick to mine … Thanks and take care.

  12. Hello again Christine,

    If you are referring to my post I would invite you to check any or all of my info with any non-commercial fishkeeping website, any fishkeeping forum, any veterinarian specialising in aquatics or any books or other library reference material on fishkeeping & it will all tally because it’s not anyone’s opinion, it’s fact. I would be happy to discuss any or all of the points raised with you on my forum here: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/TotallyGoldfish/
    I would add that you will not be lectured, verbally abused or patronised, you will be treated politely & with respect.

    ………….& finally this IS my opinion: “We have a moral obligation to care for any living creature we choose to keep to the best of our ability to give it the very highest quality of life we can because pets are not a right, they are a privilege”

    Kindest regards,


  13. If people want to buy an iPod, then they should. If they want to buy a fish, then they should, but in a good tank. :I

  14. I’m glad to see that there are more compassionate people here than ignorant ones. I don’t care if you have a PhD, if you think this torture device is cool then you are ignorant and suffer from the worst kind of ignorance, you are willfully ignorant. Which raises a question, why is it on this site, this thing is so not cool.

  15. A bowl is not actually the best kind of place to keep bettas either, just to warn. Bettas can jump very well, so it’s not so good. An aquarium is much better, bigger and it’s more similar to a pond. I’ve had four male bettas, first died of old age in the old aquarium, second jumped out and the rest two are in the new big tank with four females.
    Something about breeding:
    Betta males make bubble nests when they are ready to mate. When the male and female mate, male will collect the eggs with its mouth and put them in the bubble nest. After this the male chases females away, and will guard the nest untill the eggs hach and the fry will fall. The fry can’t swin yet, and often they get eaten if they hatch in the same aquarium with other fish. It’s better to have breeding tank if you really want to get baby fish grow and live.
    My bettas have been making nests, and mating but the eggs have always been eaten and nests have broken. It’s not a problem though, we dont need any more fish.

    But ths iPond is too small for a fish to live a happy and healthy life. Meaby it wouldn’t be hungry if you feed it, or lonely if you keep it company, but it would never live like it would in nature. Bettas are living creatures, not decoration. iPond is a stupid idea. :/

  16. It might be cute and funny to keep your fish sometimes in the iPond, but it would stress the fish to change the tank often. I think if the fish could say what it thinks, he would choose to live in the big aquarium.
    This thing really bothers me, thats why I comment so often.. 😀

  17. I hope Christine gets stuffed into an iPond soon. A Betta deserves to live more than she does. She is obviously uneducated, inexperienced, and idiotic. Bettas are real living beings, not a gadget. They need a properly filtered and heated environment.

  18. i would buy it cuz beta are known to live in rain puddles and the puddles are small ! they would jump to each differnt puddle, so they could even live with out water for a while ! they r like gold fish they dont need heated or filtered tanks bettas are known to live 30 or more years ! but unlike a goldfish thier water stays clear for a LONG time ! but as i said bettas can also live in rain puddles so they r used to living in dirty water !

  19. ok i agree with christine ! as i said they r used to living in small watery areas ! its not in-humane ! if u actually look after it instead of just leaving it there as a trophy !

  20. hello look at other betta fish bowls….on google they aint much bigger and its because one fish dont need the size of the ocean to live ! its a fish, how smart can they be ?

  21. Chelsea.. What the hell.
    Bettas live a very short time.. about 1.5-3 years only. And they are very sensitive fish and get sick, bored and unhappy very easily. They also NEED a heater and a good water condition.
    The bettas that are sold in stores are often bred too, so not all of them come from the the rain puddles.

    “hello look at other betta fish bowls….on google they aint much bigger and its because one fish dont need the size of the ocean to live !”

    Google lol. Search for an AQUARIUM next time, please.
    You are seriously comparing the ocean to a tank? And of course this active little fish needs a real tank to be happy. Fish bowls are just for decoration purposes. (Often with plastic plants and colourful stones.)

    “its a fish, how smart can they be ?”

    They’re pets, you are supposed to take good care of them. Fish are actually smart, they can learn to feed from your hand, come to the surface on a mark and do simple tricks. You can go to youtube and search for fish tricks.

    I hope that people will understand these things and keep their fish in a good, natural looking tank. Or don’t buy fish at all.

  22. The only reason the average life span of a Betta is 2 to 3 years (or less) is because they are generally not cared for properly. Bettas can live up to 6 years with the right care.

    The bigger the tank, the better for the fish. I keep my betta in a 10 gallon tank.

    And to those who think they live in small puddles, do you know what a rice paddie is? Sure it might be shallow, but it’s certainly not a puddle. During a dry season, I’m sure puddles can form, but it’s surely not the ideal place for them to live.

    And as an aside, small bowls require much more attention than larger tanks, so you’d be doing YOURSELF a favor by getting a larger tank that requires less care and can be filtered and heated (YES, Bettas do need a heater. They are tropical fish and need to be between 75 and 80 degrees at all times to be healthy.)

  23. This is horrible. It has only .27 gallons of water, and the vibrations from the docking system feature will kill the fish slowly and painfully. Fish are beautiful creatures, and we should protect them, not kill them. If something like this was being done to humans, cats, or dogs, every one would agree that THIS IS WRONG!!

    Monkeyman, please, how would you like to be stuck in a tiny box and forced to be CONSTANTLY have people star at you and shake the box as you live in your own filth. It has been scientificly proven that fish feel pain and suffering, just as we do.

    Any person who cares about creatures should take a stand against this. If you say that you love animals whilst you type “This is awesome!!!”, you are a hypocrite.

  24. I agree with Christine; sometimes in the wild bettas have to make do with living in small volumes of water, and someplaces in the World children are starving, and that is why it is okay to keep bettas in very small volumes of water and starve children.

  25. Hi Cabri, please explain your logic for that comment-I don’t understand the link between starving children & animal cruelty for profit.

  26. Christine pointed out that betta fish often live in ‘puddles’ and survive. I was making the parallel argument that in some parts of the World children are starving and survive, but that does not make it right to starve your child or keep a fish in what amounts to a puddle. My argument was slightly more extreme but used the same principles.

  27. This doesn’t seem very good to the fish. That is way too small and how do you feed them? I don’t believe that the “Ipond” is humane. I think that you should stop sell this product.

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