Crimson RC Blaster universal remote control system announced

crimzon.jpgZilog, a universal remote control market leader has just added to its line of consumer solutions the new Crimzon RC Blaster system. This universal infrared remote control system will be able to integrated itself to any digital device easily, providing immediate remote control capability. It will feature the market’s most comprehensive code database, boasting an easy to implement API as well as a robust new IR learning function that helps universalize all remotes in the digital home. A wide range of applications will be targeted by the Crimzon RC Blaster IR system, including set-top boxes, satellite and cable receivers, IPTV, DVD recorders, media center hubs, PDAs, toys, cellphones and even secure monitoring systems.

Some of the features and options of the Crimzon RC Blaster include :-

  • North American UIR database coverage that includes TV, VCR/DVD player, audio devices, cable and satellite set-top boxes (STBs) European UIR database coverage on cable and satellite set-top boxes (STBs)
  • Comprehensive key coverage included for each device
  • 9600/1200 Baud two-way, full-duplex UART (offer option of one way only)
  • Up to 64 KB memory
  • Up to 10-kbps software I2C
  • Integrated IR learning function that includes a built in IR amplifier with learning distance 0 to 8 inches with only 1 external IR photo diode required
  • 4-user controlled general-purpose input/output pins (GPIO)
  • Supports Zilog script format and fully upgradeable with external EEPROM
  • Low standby power typically 2uA
  • For those who are interested to see how the Crimzon RC Blaster system works, check it out at CES 2008 that will be held in Las Vegas early next month. Should you be convinced of the Crimzon RC Blaster UIRSoC IR system then, it is available directly from Zilog and its worldwide network of distribution partners as well as representatives. Pricing depends on the order quantity and product requirements, although a ballpark figure would be $2.20 at 1,000 pieces quantity on average.

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