Ego Lifestyle Galaxy Collection strokes your ego


galaxy-collection.jpgIf you’re planning on getting a notebook that is guaranteed to turn heads whenever you take it out of your briefcase, the Ego Lifestyle Galaxy Collection fits the bill. Featuring a quartet of skins to choose from (Italian leather skins lasered in an elegant pattern and set by hand with hundreds of Swarovski crystals) these notebooks will dazzle whoever looks at it. Your choices include Orphine (set with transparent-, opal- and champagne-colored Swarovski crystals), Cosmos (with green-, purple- and emerald-tinted Swarovski crystals), Celestial (with the spring colors of 2008, yellow-, opal- and sea green-colored Swarovski crystals) and Aura (white and purple tinted cow skin, with deep purple colored Swarovski crystals). Since they’re all handmade, you can be sure that the pricing bar will be set high…extremely high.

Source: Born Rich

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