NVIDIA extends SLI technology to three ways


nvidia-geforce-3sli.jpgIf you think that having a pair of high end video cards running in your gaming rig is really hot (Crysis, anyone?), think again. NVIDIA has already upped the ante by extending its SLI technology, letting the user use multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) on a single computer. Instead of the usual two video cards, hardcore gamers will be able to take advantage of up to three GeForce graphics cards on a single machine. I’m sure those with a heart for the environment will probably cringe at such a development, considering the power requirements of such a computer system, but those concerns are but poppycock for those who want to smoothest frame rates possible at the highest resolutions. This new SLI setup will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, handling graphics intensive titles such as Call of Duty 4, Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Unreal Tournament 3 with ease despite turning on all the graphics settings to the maximum at the highest resolution, with antialiasing applied.

Official numbers of NVIDIA’s new 3-way SLI claim to deliver up to a 2.8x performance increase over a single GPU system, capable of spitting out 60 frames per second at resolutions as high as 2,560 x 1,600 and with 8x antialiasing. 3-way SLI technology would mean dialling back the image quality settings on the newest PC games to be a thing of the past. Imagine running Crysis at high resolutions such as 1,920 x 1,600 with all the advanced DirectX 10 effects such as motion blur, ambient occlusion, and soft shadows turned on without missing a beat – pure gaming nirvana if you ask me.

With 3-way SLI, gamers have more flexibility as they will be able to, over time, upgrade their machine by just adding on another video card. This works great as you will be able to work within your budget.

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