Ricoh launches GX7000 GelSprinter color printer

ricoh-gx7000.jpgRicoh Americas Corporation has recently rolled out its GX7000 GelSprinter color printer that targets both small and mid-sized office environments, helping business owners minimize their total cost of ownership without sacrificing on performance and value. The GX7000 color printer is touted to be cost-effective and energy-efficient, printing images in vivid color and high productivity. What can you expect from the Ricoh GX7000 GelSprinter? Read on after the jump to find out more…

To get the ball rolling, GelSprinter technology does away with traditional printer flaws such as smudging and curling, and this is made possible by utilizing quick-drying viscous ink, belt-driven paper feeding and a long-lasting printhead design. The Ricoh GX7000 is said to boast a print speed of up to 29 pages per minute, regardless of whether it is printing in color or in black and white. The GX7000’s output is claimed to be comparable to the majority of laster printers as well as featuring a much faster speed than most inkjets. This places the printer awkwardly in the middle of both segments, although I will take the claim of its laser printer printout comparison with a few extra grains of salt.

The viscous ink used is sun-resistant and waterproof, letting you highlight the document without fear or worry about smearing it. Printing photos with the GX7000 ought to be a firm favorite with most people since the color will remain long after you’re gone thanks to the aforementioned sun-resistant ink. In addition, the GX7000 is capable of printing documents up to 11″ x 17″ in size – no worries for those who want to churn out extra large prints. Other features of the GX7000 include a 250-sheet tray, an optional 250 sheet PFU and 100-sheet Multi-Bypass Tray capable of handling a variety of paper stocks
and sizes. Enabling network connectivity is a no-brainer, allowing businesses to connect and monitor multiple machines from one central location. The Ricoh GX7000 is priced at $749.

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