M++Cards carry a little something extra


There are a few things that I take with me almost everywhere I go. These items include my Nintendo DS, cell phone, wallet, keys and business cards. Sure, my wallet, keys and business cards aren’t exactly glamorous or tech-friendly, but they’re necessities. However, if I could at least spice up my cards with a little bit of technology, I’d do it in a heartbeat with these M++Cards.

These fancy cards are more than your average pieces of paper. They actually have a bit of flash memory built right into them. This is pretty cool, as you could store all kinds of information about yourself, and the company that you represent. Depending on what field you’re in, you could load it down with a wide variety of documents, images and other files.

Like every good idea, there’s always a downside. With this one, I see two very obvious flaws. The first would be the fact that it requires some strange sort of adapter to plug it into your PC. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, though I would imagine that a simple USB extension cable would do. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to have one readily available. The second is going to be cost, as most people generally hand out their cards like candy. You’ll just want to save these for people you really want to impress. Oh, and you’ll have to wait for someone to actually make these, as they’re only a concept for now.

Source: EverythingUSB