Dogside Light Up Lead

doglead.jpgEven if you’re very careful when bringing your dog out for a walk, accidents do happen. This is where the Dogside Light Up Lead comes in handy.

It’s a lead, it lights up and you put it on your dog (or clubbing partner possibly). Of course that’s a rather simple explanation of what is possibly the coolest dog lead ever invented. Concealed in the gorgeously tactile vulcanised rubber handgrip of this night black dog lead, lies a small switch, flick it on, and a stream of beautiful blue light spirals down through the lead to the business end. Walking your dog at night (or frankly at any time) with this luminescent lead is an absolute must. Powered by 2 AA batteries (thoughtfully included) you can chose between a constant on mode, off (obviously) or flashing, if you happen to have a hip pooch. They say, whoever they are, that walking a dog is a great way to pick people up, just imagine how effective it would be with hot piece of kit, even your dog might get lucky.

Your pet will love you all more it, so don’t be a scrooge this Christmas and pony up £24.99 for one.