Titanic-DNA Watch

by Mark R

Titanic DNA Watch

Generally, I don’t repot on watches, as they are so…untimely. Yeah, that was pretty stupid, I know. This one caught my eye because it is so untimely.

This is a watch made of parts from the Titanic. That’s right, the Titanic, the ship that sank on its maiden voyage, taking 1,500 lives. I said untimely because this watch would have been cool ten years ago, when Titanic was released into the theatres as one of the biggest movie hits ever.

So, anti-kudos to the Titanic-DNA watch for coming up with something that’s a little too late in the latest fad department. Also, thank you for taking a piece of a history and making a watch on it.

That’s right, the Titanic DNA watch is mad from materials found from the original romantic ship itself. That’s right, those really thick-hulled submarines descended in order to bring up pieces of scrap from history, just to make you a watch. Too bad they couldn’t find the blue Heart of the Ocean jewel.

I have no idea how you can prove that the rusted steel on it is from the Titanic and not just rusted steel lying around. Also, the black dial is made from coal recovered from the ship. Can you get coal from that deep. You’d think it would be crushed into diamonds by the ocean pressures.

Can’t help but feel a Celine Dion song come on: “My watch will tick on and on”.

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a Says: August 15, 2008 at 2:20 pm

The pressure at the bottom of the ocean is no where near high enough to crush coal.

Wvvyve Says: September 9, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Yes! You can’t prove that it’s not rusted steel from a junkyard.
Anyway, who is so much of an idiot that he wants to buy a watch made from rusted steel and coal?

Titanic indeed!

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