SafeType Vertical Mouse


Here’s a little something for those who are paranoid about suffering from RSI in the future.

The SafeType Mouse provides the same neutral, thumbs up, handshake position as the SafeType Keyboard. This revolutionary product allows all of the muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder to effectively relax. Most users feel an instant relief when switching to the SafeType Mouse. Available in Right-Hand model only. Used together, the SafeType Keyboard and the SafeType Mouseā„¢. will provide the most desirable ergonomic combination possible. Scientific EMG measurement of muscle activity demonstrates a substantial reduction in stresses on all of the involved muscle groups and tendons.

Guess lefties like yours truly are…well, left out yet again. If you believe all the marketing hype spewed above, then pick up the SafeType Vertical Mouse for $74.

Product Page via OhGizmo!