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Music Cube

There’s nothing like expressing yourself through art. Personally, I have a few comic book covers that are framed in my office. That lets people know I’m a geek the second they walk into the room, as if the sheer amount of gadgets and PC hardware wouldn’t be a dead giveaway. If you’re not into hanging art on your wall, why not get a pair of speakers that says a little something about you?

These Music Cubes from Xenics may not provide the best audio experience, they will certainly add a little something to your desk. The speakers are only a mere 1 Watt, and don’t require any external power. They come in two different shapes, one set is a pair of cubes, while the others are more like pyramids.

I will say that these are probably the first speakers I’ve seen that require some assembly. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge. The speakers come in flat pieces, and you put them together to create the proper shape. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information on pricing or availability.

Source: Aving

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Mike Says: December 12, 2007 at 7:33 pm

I actually own these (well not that version, just plain cardboard) and, surprisingly, they’re fun. We recently used them when the power went out to play our iPods — they worked well enough and it was entertaining. (The version I have can be gotten from here, although it’s ridiculously overpriced at $42)

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