Conceptronic Grab’n’GO Mutlimedia Recorder/Player

by Mark R

Conceptronic Grab and Go

Since the age of Digital Video Recorders is in full swing, I suppose it stands to reason that some of them will go portable.

Perhaps this is the vision behind the Conceptronic Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder and Player. Essentially, the device is a allows digital recording on a portable hard drive that can connect with an analog TV tuner. It has 500GB worth of memory, which is enough for 228 hours of show in high quality, and 656 in low.

Not bad, all things considered. Especially in considering the scheduled recording function that can program anything a user wishes to record, and even has a timeshift feature to allow for “pausing” on live television to record it, so you can watch with interruptions.

By the way, you can also record from DVDs, camcorders, and even other set-top boxes. It can also do a variety of other formats including XviD, AVI, MPEG, JPEG, MP3, and WAV. That means you’ve got sight and sound all in a box!

The best part of this is that a full cable package is included, with ultra slim remote control, USB cable, AV composite cable and SCART connector, S-video cables, componet video cable, and antenna cable.

The Conceptronic Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder and Player (CM3PVR) is available now, and it looks like it is quite a deal.

Via eHomeUpgrade

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