USB Mixtape Memory Stick


usb-mixtape.jpgCheck out the USB Mixtape Memory Stick that aims to bring back memories of old cassettes which held an hour’s worth of music (of course there were other variants like 1.5 hour tapes, but this is the most popular version).

The USB Mixtape Memory Stick is a digital analogue to the venerable C60 cassette of old. 60 minutes worth of storage or your MP3s, organized into a cohesive whole – something that says who you are at this moment in time. Packaged to look like an old analog audio cassette tape, with room to scrawl out your tracklist, the USB Mixtape Memory Stick makes the perfect gift to your significant other. The USB Mixtape Memory Stick comes in four distinct styles, each artistically distressed to look like a vintage audio cassette. Stores up to 64 megs of whatever you want, but we recommend Ogg and MP3.

A 64MB USB flash drive for $15.99? While it isn’t exactly worth that kind of money, I suppose most of it goes to the uniqueness of the idea.

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