UPB Rain8 Sprinkler Controller


rain8upb.jpgWhile sprinklers in your garden are convenient, they aren’t exactly eco friendly unless you keep an extremely close eye on them.

Integrate sprinkler or watering system control into your UPB home automation system with the UPB Rain8, a full-featured, 8-zone irrigation controller that accepts and reacts to standard UPB commands. This opens up the world of sprinkler and irrigation system control to anyone with UPB timers, remote controls, even over-the-Internet control using PC-based automation software. The UPB Rain8 was designed for installation in a water-protected location or in a weatherproof enclosure. The sprinkler wiring termination block easily separates from the main UPB Rain8 controller, allowing you to easily modify UPB Rain8 programming without tedious rewiring. Multiple UPB Rain8 modules can be networked together, requiring only one AC transformer and PLC interface.

Those who love to go green will definitely find the UPB Rain8 Sprinkler Controller a worthy addition to their homes for $114.99.

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