Petrol Powered RC Hummer Monster Truck


petrol-hummer.jpgHere’s the grown up version of battery-powered remote control toy cars – the Petrol Powered RC Hummer Monster Truck.

This is an actual petrol powered model, meaning you use fuel from a petrol station. It runs on a mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil. Both of these are available from any petrol station which makes them more practical and cheap to run. Mixing the petrol is very easy. You simply fill up a petrol can with 5 liters of unleaded at the petrol station then pour in 250ml of 2 stroke oil.

Sounds like a pretty volatile mix, so I guess having adult supervision while playing this is a must. The Petrol Powered RC Hummer Monster Truck hits your pocket with a monster price too – £349.

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