One World Phone, Hop on!

by Mark R

One World Phone

Clearly, Hop-on is well named, as it allows a user to use networks of Verizon of AT&T together.

This One World phone can operate in both GSM and CDMA modes. Therefore, you do not have to switch your phones around for phone calls or a text message. It advertises that the One World phone can be taken anywhere in the world, and it will always work.

That’s not bad for the One World phone, otherwise known as the 2000 handset. I have no idea, though. Remember back when just putting the word 2000 implied some sort of futuristic thing?

I’ve got to admire the logo, with its cute little CG Kangaroo. I can totally see it becoming a video character, perhaps in some Nintendo Wii version of the old-school video game Kangaroo.

Still, the One World phone is something I think we all saw coming. After all, what is with this whole cell phone program thing going on? Can’t I just buy a phone and that be it? Oh, they should have never broke up AT&T.

Gee, I wish I knew a price or availability for this. Perhaps it might be a good time to say that Hop-on is the same company that made the Graffiti disposable cell phone. Let us hope that the One World phone is not as wasted.

Via Ubergizmo

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