Latest Tech News – 10 December

Nintendo Wii

Therapists recommend Nintendo Wii

In the gaming and medical world, therapists are prescribing Nintendo Wii time. Amazing what a “simple” innovation in a gaming console can do, right?

The latest case is related to a man who had a stroke, and in order to recover his strength, he is simply playing Nintendo Wii. According to the therapists, the Wii is suppose to help patients build balance, coordination, endurance and upper and lower body strength.

Facebook blocked in Syria

In the web world, there are bad news from Syria. The second most popular social network on the internet, right after MySpace, has been blocked in Syria, and users only get a blank page when trying to access Facebook.

Since there have been reports of Syrian authorities blocking other websites, like the ones that critique the President, I guess this won’t be the last time we see this kind of actions. This time, the reason for the block is related to Israeli users penetrating Syrian social networks.

Popular bands pick the ringtones market

In the never ending world of cellphones where plenty of companies make money by providing ringtones (games, wallpapers, and more) to be downloaded, there are 2 new bands on the market: Dave Matthews Band, and Van Halen.

AT&T Mobility made special agreements with each band, the DMB (Dave Matthews Band) ringtones will only be offered to the previously mentioned wireless operator, while Van Halen will make exclusive versions of ringtones for AT&T, but at the same time it will offer the normal versions to all wireless companies.

Sources – Reuters and NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer