Easyglider X6 makes getting around a cinch


easyglider-x6.jpgLooks like developed nations are finding a new kind of personal transport to be the possible next big thing, as large cities get more and more clogged up with traffic in their roads, compact urban transport inventions are the way to go. While the skateboard and rollerblades have long been a staple mode of “green” transport, technological innovations have resulted in electric powered versions already, with mini-scooters powered by electricity getting all the more popular. The latest of such transports is known as the Easyglider, and that could possibly eat into Segway’s market share should it take off. This external electric drive wheel allows you to tarry along at a steady 20 km/h as long as you’re with your pair of rollerblades, skateboard, or a connected wheel platform.

It sounds more like fun than something serious, and I wonder whether those wearing business suits would bother packing in a skateboard on their daily commute to work. I suppose they would do better with a Segway as that conveys a more serious aura, especially when you’re about to attend that all important board meeting. The Easyglider X6 is actually in its fifth iteration, with the first being a small petrol motor that pulls the rider along, to this – a fully electric-powered unit that can heave you at 20 km/h speeds. Created by Stephan Soder, a figure skater, the Easyglider X6 comes with a handbrake, a night headlight, and a two-wheeled, independently braked rear platform along with three power levels controlled by coded electronic keys.

Should you want to pamper yourself further, the Easyglider X6 can include a music system that comprises of two small speakers, enabling you to rock to your favorite tunes as you travel, although I would recommend a pair of headphones for better audio quality instead. No idea on how much the Easyglider X6 costs, but it is available at selected outlets around the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Source: Gizmag

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justin Says: January 3, 2008 at 4:37 pm

that’s flippin’ awesome!!!

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