TomTom GPS plays nice with Google Maps

by Carolyn

tomtom.jpgYou know if you have a directionally challenged person on your holiday gift list. They’ve called you on more than one occasion while they’re driving, they’re hopelessly lost and you have to not only figure out where they are but also where they need to be. I personally have had to do this with a family member and I actually had to go by landmarks, gas stations and national hotel chains in order to figure out where the lost soul was then calculate the route to get where they actually need to be by using Google Maps.

The perfect gift for this person is an automotive GPS unit. But which one do you choose?

If it were up to me, I would pick one of the models from TomTom based upon the new feature they’re offering. In a partnership of sorts with Google, they offer integration with Google Maps with any TomTom GPS unit. From the TomTom website:

Familiar with Google Maps?
Then you know how easy it is to find the right spots; like restaurants, hotels, shops and much more.

Familiar with TomTom?
Then you know how easily TomTom guides you to these locations.

So imagine how easy navigation has become, now that we’ve seamlessly connected the two. You can send business addresses directly from Google Maps to your TomTom device! Simply click on the Send to TomTom button on Google Maps, and use the address seamlessly in your TomTom.

Watch this video to see how it’s done.

Not too shabby. And from what I can tell, it works with any TomTom GPS unit. And with holiday rebates of $100 on each unit, it’s a no-brainer to pick one of these up for your navigationaly inept loved ones.


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