SlimBlade mouse has more than meets the eye



I like my gadgets to have more than one function. I’ve said for a long time that convergence is key. It almost seems to be such a waste to get something that only serves one purpose. That’s how you end up with a dozen different devices cluttering up your workspace, or worse, your pockets. I appreciate this new SlimBlade Presenter Mouse from Kensington because it packs a few extra goodies into its small package.

This mouse is designed with the road warrior in mind. Specifically the people that find themselves traveling with their laptop to make business presentations at various locals. What you get is a mouse that also functions as a presentation media pad and a laser pointer. This allows you to navigate through files on your notebook, then fire up a PowerPoint presentation without skipping a beat.

The mouse touts a six-month battery life, which it achieves by syncing it’s power to the sleep cycle of your laptop. This is a convenient feature, as I tend to leave my mouse powered on when I’m finished, which naturally leaves it dead for the next time I go to use it. This handy little mouse can be yours for $79.99.

Source: EverythingUSB

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