LtWv Wrist Vmote Lightglove


I’m thinking this LtWv Wrist Vmote Lightglove takes a page from the Minority Report playbook as it is an interface you wear on your wrist. Some of you might remember this Steven Spielberg flick where Tom Cruise interacts with a computer via light emitting sensors that fit on his wrist. The movements of his hands create different effects on the giant screen behind him.

Similarly, the LtWv Vmote Lightglove uses wrist, hand, and finger motions to do cursor movements and even key pressing technology. It is designed to work with computers, PDAs, phones, video games, televisions, and other things that haven’t been determined.

As it is, this technology has been under development for over seven years. I can see a lot of applications for these, and if it ever gets out into the market, I can tell you that there may be an age where everyone wears these on their wrists. In fact, I see an age where no one ever takes them off, not even in the shower. Better make these waterproof.

Even more amazing is that it has already won an award. The CES Innovations 2008 award, to be exact. Considering that the LtWv has earned accolades already, there is no doubt that this technology will make it big. Unfortunately, it still is under development.

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