Diego announces Moxi TV for PC


Diego has just announced the Moxi TV for PC – an interesting software application that enables PC users who own a TV tuner card while running on a Windows XP-powered system to use their computer as a digital media recorder (DMR). This means users will be able to watch, record and play TV content from their PC, and the program is currently available for a trial to beta testers at no cost. What can you find inside Moxi TV for PC? For starters, it boasts similar content as the award-winning Moxi Menu in addition to a new, improved version of the user experience found in the popular Moxi television set-top boxes.

Not only that, you will be able to take advantage of the many Moxi features that are in the pipeline for the highly anticipated Moxi Multi-Room HD DMR that will soon be available via retail outlets. This works out great as more and more consumers are starting to see their computer as more than a mere working or gaming rig. With Moxi TV capable of providing better overall navigation and usability, the living room TV experience will be all the more enjoyable. According to Mike Fidler, CEO of Digeo, “We have always been committed to delivering the best consumer experience and Moxi TV for PC is no exception. There is tremendous opportunity to improve the home theater PC experience, and the Moxi TV for PC beta offers a glimpse at the potential for the space. We welcome this chance to provide select consumers a sneak peak of the Moxi experience as we near delivery of solutions for both the PC and the TV.”

You will find that Moxi TV for PC targets a totally different demographic compared to other PVR software applications, as it brings a more mainstream appeal to the category by applying best practices in TV navigation and design. With the Moxi Menu implemented, users will be able to intuitively explore a fortnight of TV programming, watch live TV, schedule recordings and access other multimedia features including music, photos, and DVD viewing. NO high definition wonders here as Moxi TV for PC currently supports only standard definition recording and is compatible with a fairly reasonable list of tuner cards, including the most popular models used today.

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