Touchscreen for iMac could change the world as we know it

iMac Touch

I suppose the iPhone has made our technology designed for more touchy-feely purposes. That screen that we have been told not to touch is designed to be groped and felt for our own pleasure.

Even though Apple doesn’t look like they are backing this directly, a company known as Troll Touch wants to put out iMac screens that are completely touchable. Then I suppose all we will need to do is touch an icon instead of clicking on it. It will definitely create a problem if you have eaten fast food while you’re working.

I suppose it is inevitable that this came into play. The thing I’m wondering is if it will catch on. I could easily see an age being ushered in where our computers are just like iPhones, and people are getting very touchy-feely as they work. I have been addicted to the mouse, and I cannot stand using the touch pad.

I notice that Troll Touch’s logo or symbol is a fingerprint. It is such an appropriate symbol. I’m not certain why they call themselves Troll, other than perhaps Trolls could use it, maybe?

Anyway, the prices are $2299.00 for the 20 inch, 2.0 GHz and $3899.00 for the 24 inch.

Via Product Page