Porsche P9521 cellphone heading to UK


porsche-p9521-uk.jpgFolks living in the UK will soon be able to get their hands on the Porsche P9521 cellphone sometime in the first half of this month – that’s more than enough time before Christmas rolls around, so you have the chance to brag to others that you actually bought a Porsche for your kid/wife/hubby – just don’t let them know that it is a cellphone instead of a mean, street legal racing machine. The Porsche P9521 cellphone will be made available through Mobilephones24.co.uk.

Mention the word Porsche and what comes into your mind? A sleek and fast car that is capable of reaching 60 mph from a standing stop in under 5 seconds. Who would’ve thought that the automobile manufacturer would actually come up with a cellphone? Well, they apparently have by collaborating with French partner Sagem, resulting in the Porsche P9521. Made out of aluminum, it won’t be able to leave your competition eating dust and smelling burnt rubber, but at the very least they’ll drool after the handset as you make heads turn every time you pull out the handset from your pocket. The design consists of a double hinge system that enables you to open and rotate the phone a full 360 degrees, complete with a touch sensitive screen for a more user friendly experience. After all, touch sensitive displays seem to be the way to go these days, judging by the response that the iPhone as well as other smartphones like the HTC Touch are getting in the market.

Features include mineral glass on the screen, an integrated fingerprint scanning device to keep your personal data safe, access to a concierge service, a 3.2 megapixel camera, an integrated MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, EDGE support and the all the necessary multimedia functions. Too bad there is no 3G on the P9521, as that feature would’ve capped off a fine performance from Porsche’s maiden entry into the world of cellphones.

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