Logitech Aerial makes for Must See TV

by James

Logitech Dual USB TV Tuner

It’s no secret that the best watching of HDTV programming is via antenna. That’s because broadcasting the HD signal can be done uncompressed, whereas satellite and cable companies have limited bandwidth and don’t have that luxury. So, for those who have to work, and yet still keep up with what’s going on TV, the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U allows users to plug into USB and watch not one, but up to four programs simultaneously thanks to its Dual USB connection option and built-in double TV tuner. That means users can create their own NFL Sunday ticket without paying for it.

Even better, the LDT Aerial also has a timeshift function for digitally recording what’s on. Users can even export those recorded videos to ipods, cellphones, and other mobile devices, and have the options of both “data broadcasting”, and “Subtitle” functions.
System requirements are a 3GHz P4 or higher with 256 MB of memory. Everyone should have that by now.
Costing around $150 UD, the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U will be out in Japan next month. Pity it probably won’t catch on here in the states, our litigious friends over at the MPAA/RIAA would never allow that kind of digital freedom.

Source: The Giz

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