Guitar Hero Mobile turns your cell into an Axe … sort of

by James

Guitar Hero Mobile

Guitar Hero Mobile launches on Verizon Wireless this month. Working with wireless game company Hands-On Mobile, Activision has dumbed it down a bit, but they kinda had to. I mean, we’re talking cellphones here not a Les Paul. Still, it all looks, and sounds very familiar.

The interface and all the graphics are exactly the same. Warning though, high end cellphones enjoy 3d graphics while lower end models get downconverted to 2D and due to the size of the average cellphone headset, the number of frets had to be reduced from five to three. But what it lacks in “frettage,” it more than makes up for in difficulty as three frets are manipulated through a vast array of key combinations. It’s all very intense even if users can’t hold their headset like a standard Les Paul. The game comes with 15 of the most popular licks from Guitar Hero 3 includign “Black Magic Woman,” “Bad Reputation,” and “Miss Murder,” and monthly subscribers receive three new songs every month to keep the game fresh and challenging. The game also has stepped skill levels for both career or quick-play modes. Completion of 16 different achievements unlock special guitar features as well.

Verizon users with the LG VX9400 can text ROCK to 46966 and receive the game within 48 hours. Plans are for other major carriers and J2ME handsets to be available in the next few months. Fist of Rock not included.

Source: Crave
Rockin’ video of it in action here.

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Tinman Says: December 5, 2007 at 11:27 pm

I thought this game is available to all Verizon users?? Not just “users with the LG VX9400.”

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